Urban Perspectives for Tanzania

October 28-29th, 2017 in Leipzig

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Rural exodus, urbanization - these and similar expressionstrigger associations: cities are an inevitable evil and the ruralarea is the ideal habitat for human beings. Those who travelto Tanzania usually only know the airport in Dar Es Salaam.Their destinations lie outside of the city. Many in Europethink the "true" Africa is found in the village. They considercities as chaotic transit stations, which they want to quicklyleave behind.

In 1960, 95% of the Tanzanians lived in rural areas - in 2015only 68%. People are attracted to cities in Tanzania and inother countries. There they seek new perspectives. Peoplefrom different parts of the country and beyond meet, newideas emerge and new opportunities develop. Certainly,people can be disappointed or fail by living in a city - just asvillage life can lead to disappointment and failure.

The trend toward urban living is a reality and there is a needof a new perception of phenomena of urban cohabitation.The quest for new models is necessary. The presenters inthe seminar will be people from Tanzania and Germany whoknow the rural and urban situation in Tanzania, do researchon the diverse perspectives of life in Tanzanian cities, or dealcreatively with it.We invite you to discuss these and other questions during theseminar. The seminar is open to everyone.

The fee for the seminar is 35€ including food (reduced rate for students, jobless and retired persons 20€).  

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