12.10.2018 | This is Africa 2.0 - Spotlight on Political Artists from Africa

Ort: Berlin

Datum: 12.10.2018

Art is Power. A new generation of African artists has taken the stage. They are not afraid to speak up and express themselves and ready to take over responsibility for their generation. “This is Africa 2.0 – Spotlight on Political Artists from Africa” will present some of them and their stories.

“This is Africa 2.0” is all about positive narratives. Young Africans are no longer willing to accept that you barely ever get to see the positive side of their continent, that Africa “needs help” and that its diversity is oversimplified. They believe in change and in the enormous potential of their people. They tell their own stories. Their stories are about and for people who have to cope with the manifold and diverse political and societal challenges in their countries, but are ready and eager to change the situation for the better.

Art can have many faces, but political art always has the potential to send a strong message. Whether it is through poetry slam, performance art, rap or political cartoons, our guests are all making clear statements. They openly criticize political deficiencies and expose social and societal problems. In repressive political environments, in which the space for a vocal civil society is becoming increasingly curtailed, their art contributes to defending the freedom of expression of the population and gives hope.

At “This is Africa 2.0 – Spotlight on Political Artists from Africa” we will give the artists a chance to transport their messages through their art. They will all perform live on stage for us. Some of their stories will also be shared in short interview sessions (in English language).*

What are the main challenges they want to highlight? Which obstacles are African artists and activists facing? Which contribution can art make? Let us find out together and enjoy a night full of great performances and creative political minds.

More information  soon on:https://www.fes.de/referat-afrika/